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PANDERE Ankle Socks with Relaxed Fit Tops - Bundle of 3 pair

PANDERE Ankle Socks with Relaxed Fit Tops - Bundle of 3 pair

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Bundle includes 2 pair of black + 1 pair of tan

Great for Diabetics or anyone who wants a loose fit at the top of a sock. The best sock you've ever put on your feet. Anyone who wants a comfortable and environmentally sustainable sock should try this non-confining sock. They are particularly great for anyone with ankle swelling. Top of sock is goes from a normal circumference to 17 inches when fully expanded. They provide great relief to people who are tired of socks that leave indentations on swollen ankles. 


Medium size is for either Ladies shoe size 6-10.5 or Mens shoe size 5-9. 

Large size is for either Ladies shoe size 10.5-14 or Mens shoe size 9-12.5. 

Viscose fibers from bamboo have all the benefits of Merino wool but are softer and offer less blister-causing friction. Made from: 85% viscose from bamboo, 11% Nylon, 4% Spandex.

Diabetic Quarter Socks features:

  • Comfort fit - added cushioning in the footbed
  • Desert dry - pulls moisture away from foot
  • Super soft - 60% softer than cotton
  • Temp control - Foot stays a comfy temperature
  • Smooth-toe seam - Integrated to reduce friction

Green and Natural

Bamboo is a sustainable resource that needs no irrigation, fertilizer, or pesticides. Plus, they do not use performance enhancing chemical additives or conditioners. 

Made in USA.

Socks are not returnable. Chat with a Fit Specialist to ensure you get the right size for your foot needs. 


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