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Refer your patients to Pandere and we can help them get the right size and style for their needs. Shoes designed for swelling increase mobility, comfort, and confidence.

Pandere shoes are designed to alleviate pain right out of the box. Our shoes are engineered for extraordinary comfort and a customized fit. Our patented shoe expansion system is designed to accommodate swollen feet and many other conditions.

Provide total care for patients with swollen feet. Chat with us today.

Our shoes dramatically improve the quality of life for people with swollen feet. Instead of feeling trapped or embarrassed by clunky shoes, struggling to get shoes on and off, or dreading the pain their shoes cause — our customers are free to live their life comfortably and confidently.

  • Carol's Story

    Like millions of people, Carol has struggled for years to find shoes because of lymphedema, which causes swelling in both legs and feet. "When you have difficult feet, it comes to the point where you just want something that works - style doesn't even come into it anymore."

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  • Jessica's Story

    Jessica tells us of her struggle being diagnosed with Lymphedema and learning to live with a new way of life. She talks about her experience with Pandere Shoes and swelling.

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  • John's Story

    Pandere Shoes customer John tells his story of discovering he had a hereditary disease that was causing one foot to swell. John explains his Milroy's disease and how Pandere Shoes were his solution.

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  • Sandy's Story

    Sandy has struggled with lymphedema for years. Listen to her story about her experience with Pandere.

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  • Beth's Story

    Beth is talking about her experience with shoe shopping and her Pandere experience.

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