The Original Pandere Shoe

Perfect for Mild Swelling

Available in Women's sizes only. Features our patented expandable design, 1/2 inch rise from toe to heel, removable insoles Accommodates from Medium width up to a E for Women.

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Barista Shoe

Barista Shoe

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If you are a First Time Customer, we recommend letting us size you before purchasing. Unisex sizing: Available in women's sizes.

The Barista accommodates mild swelling.

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The Walking, Running, Sitting, Standing Shoe

The original Barista features high-quality nubuck leather, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, which maintains its functionality and appearance even with frequent use. This combination of materials offers a unique balance of comfort and lasting style.

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Help With Sizing

For people who are dealing with a lot of swelling, braces, or are having a hard time finding a good fit, we strongly encourage you to let us help you find your correct size. The best method is to provide foot measurements to us. This allows us to see where your swelling is and provide better guidance.

If you'd like to talk to a Fit Specialist, click the blue "Live Chat" button in the bottom right corner. If we are offline, please refer to the self sizing chart at the bottom of this page.

Alleviates Pain Right Out Of The Box

Removable Insole for any orthotics
No-tie stretch laces
Slip resistant bottoms

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Recommended For

Mild Edema
High Instep
Post Surgery
Plantar Fasciitis

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A Note About Our Sizing Charts

For sizing assistance when our Fit Specialists are offline, refer to this sizing chart. Be aware that the chart bases size on just two measurements. For a more precise recommendation, our team utilizes four specific foot measurements and three additional data points, including your current shoe size, age, and any conditions affecting fit."

About The Barista

Designed for mild swelling and supportive comfort for Women. The Barista is built on a Wide base and can accommodate up to an E volume for women. If you are dealing with swelling that is more than mild, please reach out to us through chat or email so we can help you find the correct style and size for your situation.