Post Operation Stretchy Shoes for Swollen Feet

Post Operation Stretchy Shoes for Swollen Feet

Developing a swollen ankle or swollen foot after foot surgery may be common, but that doesn’t make it any less concerning or uncomfortable. For most foot and ankle operations, tenderness and swelling may be present for three to four months; but it can take a full year or more for swelling to resolve after more complicated procedures. Speak to your doctor for tips about how to take care of your feet after surgery or if you have any concerns about how your foot is healing.

If you are dealing with post-surgery swelling in your foot, you may be wondering if you will be stuck wearing slippers for months on end while it heals. That’s where shoes for swollen feet come into the picture. While extra wide shoes can be helpful when dealing with post-surgery swelling, ideally you want quality, stylish shoes with expanding capability because they provide a better overall fit.

Pandere shoes offer expansion in the midfoot, ankle, and toe box area and each shoe can be easily tightened and loosened as needed. Have one foot more swollen than the other? Do your feet swell more at the end of the day? That’s no problem when you’re wearing Pandere expandable shoes. In addition, Pandere shoes provide some additional compression that can bring relief for people experiencing swelling feet.

Post Operation Stretchy Shoes for Swollen Feet

A post-op shoe is a medical shoe used to protect and minimize pain and restricted movement in the foot and toes after an injury or surgery. Patients are prescribed these shoes to wear immediately after surgery for the first several weeks of post-op healing. Visually, these shoes look like an oversized sandal with a flat, hard sole, fabric or mesh sides, and adjustable straps. Once the worst of the swelling decreases after four weeks or so, patients are sometimes surprised to find that their feet have not yet returned to their pre-surgery size as they continue to deal with swelling – sometimes for an additional three to 12 plus months.

Expandable shoes designed for swollen feet provide a bridge between post-operative shoes and the day your feet have fully recovered from surgery and you can fit into your old shoes again. There are many benefits to choosing shoes for swollen feet while your foot is healing from surgery, including:

  •       Decreased pain
  •       Increased movement and comfort
  •       Closed toed shoes or boots for cold weather
  •       Stylish options

An ill-fitting shoe may be impossible to lace up or to get your foot in or out of easily. Before choosing shoes for swollen feet, it’s important to understand the way that swelling affects the foot. We know that swelling can make our feet wider but swelling is typically not confined to the sides of the feet. Swelling usually makes feet fuller all around, particularly on the top of the foot and around the ankles. Essentially, a swollen foot expands in all directions. This means a shoe that’s only designed for extra width might squeeze the top of your foot or ankle as swelling builds up in the top of your foot, in your arches, or even in your ankles and calf muscles. It can also cause other problems. For example, a swollen ankle can rub across the top of your shoes and create blisters and sore spots.

Risks of choosing the wrong post-operative shoes

Wearing shoes that do not fit properly are not only uncomfortable, they can lead to serious issues that impact overall health and mobility.

Risks of choosing the wrong shoes when the post-op shoe phase is done include:

  •  Blisters
  • Sore spots
  •  Swelling made worse
  • Poor balance
  • Bunions
  • Corns and calluses
  • Foot ulcers
  • Infection
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Claw and hammer toes

How Do I Know What Size to Buy?

If you’re thinking about buying postoperative stretchy shoes for swollen feet online, you may be wondering how to choose the right size. At Pandere shoes we love sizing our customers! In addition to a detailed sizing chart by shoe style on the Find Your Size page, we offer two novel sizing help options: Let Us Size You or Size Yourself (with our sizing instructions). Please use our chat feature on the bottom right of your screen if you want sizing help.

Either way, we have some secret sauce built into helping you get the right size. We have added a third measurement to the sizing process. While every other company looks at only length and width, we also consider instep circumference measurements when sizing customers. This is because we know that if you have swelling or bunions or wear a brace; length and width alone will not be enough to get an accurate foot size. Circumferences is the third dimension that tells us how much swelling you have, which is critical for a good fit.

Visit our Find Your Size page for instructions on how to take your measurements.

When you’re ready, go to our Find Your Size page to input your measurements into the Size Finder tool. Email us at hello@pandereshoes if you have any problems or questions!

Once we receive your measurements, we will analyze your data and make a custom recommendation on both size and style for your particular circumstances. We will email you within 24 hours of submitting the measurements. (Often less than 24 hours!) If you don’t see our size recommendations, be sure to check your spam folder…That’s almost always where it has ended up!

If you receive your shoes and they don’t fit quite right, we have an ah-mazing exchange policy. You’ll hardly have to wait for your exchange pair to arrive and exchanges are always free because we pay shipping in both directions on all exchanges in the US!

Pandere Shoes for Swollen Feet

Many of our customers come to us after struggling for years to find comfortable shoes that will fit their swollen feet while others need them unexpectedly and temporarily after surgery that causes ongoing swelling in the healing process. They prefer Pandere shoes because of the expansion capabilities that are built into our shoes and unmatched in the industry. Our shoes can easily be adjusted for more or less volume as needed throughout the day and different levels of swelling on each foot can easily be accommodated.

Our Shoes Will Make Your Feet Happier

With our patented expandable concept, our shoes can make your feet happier no matter your health condition. Our customers come to us with a range of health issues that cause swollen feet - from Lymphedema to edema to bunions – and we pride ourselves on helping them find their size and the right shoes. If you have been searching high and low for comfortable, fashionable shoes that accommodate wide or swollen feet, look no further; shop our collection now!
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