How to Keep Retired Feet Happy

How to Keep Retired Feet Happy

Now that you have finally reached the long-awaited milestone of retirement, nothing stands between you and everything you never had enough free time for – travel, golf, gardening, maybe even ballroom dancing.

Nothing, that is, except your tired, aching feet.

Foot problems are a common complaint among retirees. Like every other part of the body, our feet suffer from the effects of aging too:

  • Weakened tendons and ligaments cause the arch to drop, making feet wider and flatter.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis, or poor circulation, can cause feet to swell, making it difficult to find supportive, comfortable shoes.
  • Corns, calluses, hammertoes, heel spurs, and bunions caused by years of squeezing feet into ill-fitting shoes make getting through the day difficult.

Wearing ill-fitting or overly tight shoes is all too common among retirees. Hot spots, blisters, abrasions, or ingrown toenails can occur where the shoe rubs against the skin or pinches the toes or heel. Many find themselves trying to remedy the situation by buying shoes a size or two too big. But that can cause a cascade of other problems, including balance problems as your feet slide around the large shoe.

The result? Pain and discomfort, which make participating in even the simplest activities unpleasant.

The best thing you can do to keep your feet happy is to pay attention to the aches and pains and give your feet the care they need. Regular visits with your healthcare provider, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition that makes you more prone to foot issues, can help identify potential problems early. Exercises that stretch your feet and leg muscles are excellent for overall foot health.

Investing in comfortable, supportive shoes specifically designed to accommodate your feet can also be an important step in the battle to keep aching feet happy. 

Key features to look for when choosing shoes to accommodate aging feet include:

  • Adjustability and expandability
  • Removable insoles
  • Support
  • Non-slip bottoms
  • High-quality, durable materials

A host of orthopedic shoes on the market offer many of these features, but Pandere has revolutionized the comfort shoe for retirees with the world’s first stylish, expandable shoe carefully engineered to accommodate a wide range of foot issues. 

Each of Pandere’s styles integrate a revolutionary expansion system, including adjustable toggles and Velcro closures, which allow the shoe to expand up to three width sizes. Available in both men’s and women’s styles, Pandere’s shoes work hard to keep you safe and keep your feet happy with:

  • A patented expansion system that expands with your foot throughout the day
  • No-tie toggle system for adjustability in key areas
  • A contoured, removable footbed that offers comfort, arch support and heel cushion
  • A wider shoe base for a roomier fit that won’t pinch, squeeze or rub
  • Anti-slip, recycled natural rubber latex bottoms
  • Supportive durable nubuk leather and neoprene
  • High-quality European craftsmanship

A few of the conditions Pandere shoes are specifically designed for include:

Foot Swelling

If you have a medical condition which makes your feet swell, such as lymphedema or diabetes, or if your feet have grown flatter and wider with age, try the Saturday shoe. Built on a wider last and bottom for an even roomier toe box and midfoot, the Saturday shoe expands to an EEE width size for women and EE for men. Available in sizes 4-13 for men or 6-15 for women. For ankle swelling, try the Rodeo shoe - available in women’s sizes 6-12, with expansion from a B up to an E width.


Pandere worked intensively with customers to design a shoe specifically for those suffering from bunions. The Rodeo shoe offers soft, supportive neoprene panels at the big toe joint that expand and provide extra wiggle room for those with bunions. Available in women’s sizes 6-12, the Rodeo expands from a B up to an E width. 

Extra Wide Feet

All of Pandere’s styles expand up to three width sizes and are perfect for anyone with wide feet. Consult the Pandere sizing chart or try the Fit Finder to determine which style is right for you. While the Saturday is the widest shoe Pandere offers, expanding up to an EEE width size for women and EE for men, all of Pandere’s styles cater to wide feet.

If your feet are slowing you down, there is hope with Pandere!

(Originally posted on the Baby Boomer Retirement Blog)

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