Lymphedema Page New - 9/15/21

We Understand Lymphedema

Pandere Founder Laura Oden has had lymphedema for more than 40 years.

We channel her experience into smart functional designs to fit swollen feet better than any other brand.

You'll Feel Better In Pandere Shoes.

As Laura and her co-founder Ayla Rogers began diving into the problem further, it became brutally apparent the magnitude of the fit problem for people with swelling.

Because of Laura's first hand experience, she knew that there were key places that presented a problem for people with edema. Most off the rack shoes were too tight around the ankles, through the midfoot, and over the toes.

Let Us Size You

Provide foot measurements and a little extra information, and we can make a custom recommendation for you!

Size Yourself

If you don't have any complicating issues like swelling, braces or other foot anomalies, look at our sizing charts.


This is what led to our revolutionary design that allows our shoes to expand where swelling occurs, but still maintain support.

Since Laura has one normal foot and one swollen foot, we also wanted to make shoes that could accommodate both small and large foot on one person. Nobody should have to buy two pair of shoes just to fit both feet!

"This is my fifth pair of Pandere shoes that I have bought. I love them all. I have thrown away almost all of my other shoes because none of them really fit well. Thank you Pandere team!"

Becky S.


"I’ve struggled for years since my cancer & lymphedema diagnosis to find comfortable cute shoes which fit and don’t make me swell more. These sandals fit all my needs & wants. They fit regardless of how swollen I am. They’re very comfortable. I can be on my feet all day wearing these with no pain. And they’re cute. Can be worn casually or dressed up."

Heather H.


"After multiple foot surgeries I was having trouble finding shoes. These are very comfortable. They are very accommodating to the foot that swells as well as the foot that doesn't. I will be buying more. Their sizing service was very helpful answering multiple questions that I had and recommended the perfect size."

Jacalyn B.



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