About Us

Our shoes expand in places that other off-the-rack shoes don't. With our patented expansion system, Pandere shoes are the world's first expandable footwear designed to give you the comfort and confidence you deserve.

We understand foot pain

Pandere was created because founder Laura Oden – and millions of people just like her – can't fit into regular shoes. She has had lymphedema for most of her life and people like Laura need shoes that accommodate two feet that aren’t always the same size. This can be caused not only by lymphedema but by a host of other conditions including pregnancy, diabetes, edema, bunions, and many more.

The struggle is real

We all hit the same wall when it comes to shoes. We understand how hard it is to find shoes that fit unique feet. People with conditions that cause foot and leg swelling can be on an endless search for a shoe that fits. We get it! Without shoes that fit, you’re relegated to less mobility, increased risk of abrasions, cellulitis and all kinds of discomforts or disasters.

That’s why we started Pandere Shoes

Our shoes are designed to expand in all the key places – toe box, midfoot, and ankle. Until now, people with medical conditions that impact shoe fit have been forced to buy shoes a size or two too big. This can lead to a domino effect of other problems. For us, a shoe that fits right, feels comfortable, and looks good is non-negotiable.

Things are about to get better. Welcome to Pandere.