Shop Better With a Pandere Fit Specialist

Shop Better With a Pandere Fit Specialist

Shopping for shoes online when you have hard-to-fit feet can be a huge challenge - with no salesperson to talk to and no shoe to try on before you buy, the purchase may be a gamble that results in an extra trip to the post office to return an ill-fitting shoe.

Enter the Pandere Fit Specialist. We know first-hand how challenging it is to find shoes that fit well, whether you’re shopping online or in person. That’s why Pandere offers Fit Specialists whose passion it is to find the right shoe for your foot.

Here are 5 reasons why you should chat with a Pandere Fit Specialist.

1. Fit Specialists are real people
There’s nothing worse than needing answers and trying to communicate with a bot. Our Fit Specialists are real, living humans sipping coffee at their desks and wearing Pandere shoes, of course. They are part of our core team here at Pandere and are passionate about matching you with the right shoe.

2. Fit Specialists guide you to the right shoe for your foot
Everyone’s feet are different and Pandere is dedicated to finding the right shoes for your unique feet. Each of Pandere’s styles are engineered to accommodate a variety of foot conditions, including but not limited to swelling, bunions, hammertoe, plantar fasciitis and extra wide feet. Whether you have a medical condition or two differently sized feet, are pregnant, work on your feet all day, have extra wide feet, or are just looking for the ultimate comfort shoe, our knowledgeable Fit Specialists know our shoes inside and out and can help guide you to the right shoe.

3. Fit Specialists provide more in-depth information about our styles
Because no two feet are alike, our Fit Specialists have an in-depth knowledge of Pandere’s styles and can answer questions and provide information customized to your unique needs. Swelling in only one foot? Plantar Fasciitis? High instep or arches? Our Fit Specialists can help.

4. Fit Specialists steer you away from the wrong style
You may already have a shoe picked out and added to your cart, but is it the perfect shoe for your foot? Our Fit Specialists are trained to know how your unique foot needs can best be accommodated by one of Pandere’s styles. Returns at Pandere are easy, but we want to help you get it right the first time!

5. Fit Specialists have insider knowledge
We always have a few surprises up our sleeve! Whether it’s a new style or size slated for release, an exclusive discount, or a shoe in production designed to accommodate a specific foot need, our Fit Specialists have the inside scoop and may end up guiding you to a forthcoming style or exclusive discount you didn’t know about. 


We have fit specialists that are experts in helping you pick the right shoe.

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