No More Foot Pain: Extra Wide Women’s Shoes for Bunions

No More Foot Pain: Extra Wide Women’s Shoes for Bunions

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint where the base of the big toe meets the foot. As the bunion grows, it causes the big toe to point inward toward the second toe, crowding the other toes and causing pain and discomfort. Bunions can be genetic or caused by arthritis or a foot deformity but they are often triggered by wearing tight, narrow shoes that put prolonged pressure on the feet and compress the big toe.

People with bunions should look for shoes with an expandable toe-box and a wider base to accommodate their toes and bunion. Tight shoes or high heels can make a bunion worse. Extra wide women’s shoes for bunions with an expandable toe box are an ideal solution for women tired of suffering in painful shoes. Pandere shoes for bunions come in wide and extra wide styles and they can be expanded in the midfoot, ankle, and toe box areas. The right and left shoe can be easily adjusted as needed, which is perfect for people with different sized bunions on each foot. If you haven’t bought Pandere shoes before, we suggest you let us size you before buying so you get the right size. We provide custom size recommendations; click here.

No More Foot Pain: Extra Wide Women’s Shoes for Bunions

Ill-fitting shoes that are too tight in the toe area can increase inflammation, making the pain from bunions excruciating. If you’re tired of your feet hurting every time you wear shoes, we have some tips for what to avoid and what type of shoes to choose.

What to avoid if you have bunions:

  •       High heels because they put pressure on the toe joint and ball of the foot
  •       Flip flops or other shoes that lack support
  •       Tight, pointed, or narrow shoes that squeeze the bunion because they can cause inflammation and pain
  •       Shoes made of stiff or synthetic materials such as plastic that have no elasticity are not ideal because they will not stretch to accommodate your bunion.

There are many benefits of well-fitting shoes for bunions, including minimizing pain and pressure. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to find shoes that fit around your bunion. When you wear shoes that do not put pressure on the bunion, the shoes won’t cause pain.

We recommend that you:

  •       Choose a wide or extra wide shoe, preferably with a rounded and adjustable toe box
  •       Buy supportive footwear meant for everyday wear and comfort
  •       Choose shoes made with mesh, soft leather, or other stretchy materials like lycra that can form to the shape of your foot
  •       Try going up a size or choose an extra wide width shoe to see if it is more comfortable
  •       Choose shoes based on how they feel on your feet, not just by the size number
  •       Look for a roomy shoe that doesn’t compress toes or rub on your bunion
  •       Look for a soft and comfortable interior with a wide base and plenty of room for your toes and bunion area

How to stretch shoes for bunions

If you have bunions, you may be wondering how to stretch your shoes to accommodate them. The truth is that stretching shoes doesn’t work that well and they can be painful to wear as you try to stretch them out. As shoe professionals, we highly recommend picking wide or extra wide shoes with an adjustable toe box that come ready to wear on day one! Bunion correctors, bunion pads, or cushions can be helpful.

Can the right shoes correct a bunion?

Take the best possible care of your feet by choosing appropriate shoes for bunions. Wearing the proper shoes can help minimize pain and prevent bunions from developing further. If you're experiencing pain in your feet, we encourage you to see a podiatrist or other medical professional to get a proper diagnosis.

How Do I Know What Size to Buy?

If you’re ready to stop suffering in uncomfortable shoes, you may be wondering how to choose the right size when ordering from our online shoe store. At Pandere shoes we love sizing our customers! In addition to a detailed sizing chart by shoe style on the Find Your Size page, we offer two novel sizing help options: Let Us Size You or Size Yourself (with our sizing instructions). Please use our chat feature on the bottom right of your screen if you want sizing help.

Either way, we have some secret sauce built into helping you get the right size. We have added a third measurement to the sizing process. While every other company looks at only length and width, we also consider instep circumference measurements when sizing customers. This is because we know that if you have swelling or bunions or wear a brace, length and width alone will not be enough to get an accurate foot size. Circumference is the third dimension that tells us how much swelling you have, which is critical for a good fit. In addition, our fit specialists take other information into account like age, conditions that impact shoe fit, and how your current size may be different from our recommended size. These additional factors can help us guide customers to the right size shoe.

Visit our Find Your Size page for instructions on how to take your measurements. When you’re ready, go to our Find Your Size page, scroll down and input your measurements into the Let Us Size You Form. Email us at hello@pandereshoes if you have any problems or questions!

Once we receive your measurements, we will analyze your data and make a custom recommendation on both size and style for your particular circumstances. We will email you within size and style recommendations. On weekends and holidays it can take a 1-3 days but on regular business days, it's often less than 24 hours! If you don’t see our size recommendations, be sure to check your spam folder…That’s almost always where it has ended up!

If you receive your shoes and they don’t fit quite right, we have an ah-mazing exchange policy. You’ll hardly have to wait for your exchange pair to arrive and exchanges are always free because we pay shipping in both directions on all exchanges in the US!

Our Shoes Will Make Your Feet Happier

With our patented expandable concept, our shoes can make your feet happier no matter your health condition. Our customers come to us with a range of health issues that cause swollen feet - from Lymphedema to edema to bunions – and we pride ourselves on helping them find their size and the right shoes. If you have been searching high and low for comfortable, fashionable shoes that accommodate wide or swollen feet, look no further; shop our collection now!
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