It’s World Lymphedema Day. Welcome to the Lymphesphere!

One in 1,000 Americans has been diagnosed with lymphedema,

which is characterized by swelling in an arm or leg caused by a lymphatic system blockage. There are several risk factors associated with lymphedema, including surgery for cancer, older age, excess weight, and venous diseases. In honor of World Lymphedema Day on March 6, if you or someone you know is dealing with lymphedema, we want you to know that you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore! At Pandere shoes, our goal is to help people with lymphedema and other health issues that cause swelling to eliminate their foot pain with quality shoes designed for their needs.


Welcome to the Lymphesphere!

Coined by The Lymphie Life blogger Alexa Ercolano, the term “Lymphesphere” describes “…all the advocacy organizations, product makers, bloggers and influencers that have a focus on improving the lives of people with lymphedema. She is a voice for so many people and she is a voice for lymphedema.”

This growing Lymphesphere is working to support people with lower limb swelling. Key businesses launched to provide resources and products catering to improving the lives of people with swollen feet. Click here to learn about some brands and organizations that have made it their mission to help people living with lymphedema and other chronic conditions have a better quality of life.

Solutions for People with Lymphedema

There are several solutions for people dealing with lymphedema that can help, including compression, adjustable shoes, and shoes made for swollen feet.


When you are experiencing swelling from lymphedema or venous insufficiency, compression can bring great relief and may provide health benefits. According to WebMD, the pressure provided by compression increases circulation and the flow of blood, which helps to prevent blood from pooling in the veins and improves lymphatic drainage.

Medicare will Cover Lymphedema Compression Treatment Items Starting Next Year!

Despite the fact that CMS has repeatedly acknowledged that compression supplies reduce hospital stays for our elderly, they were not covered by Medicare! Hundreds of thousands of Americans over the age of 65 who require compression garments to live comfortably with lymphedema will FINALLY have access to these medically necessary items covered by Medicare starting January 1, 2024 because of the omnibus spending package that passed on Dec 22, 2022. The Lymphedema treatment act (S.1315), is a little-known bill that was tacked onto the omnibus spending package after first being introduced to congress in 2010. The bill had been reintroduced every year since and in multiple years, it was the most co-sponsored bill in congress with broad bi-partisan support. After years of tireless advocacy, the bill was finally passed!

Let’s take a look at the details in the summary of Senate bill 1315:

“This bill provides for Medicare coverage of lymphedema compression treatment items. Specifically, the bill provides for coverage of standard and custom fitted gradient compression garments that are prescribed by a physician or other specified health care professional to treat lymphedema, and other devices determined to be effective in the prevention or treatment of lymphedema.”

Why did it take a special bill for Medicare to be able to cover lymphedema compression treatment supplies?

Until the passage of this bill, Medicare was unable to cover lymphedema compression treatment supplies because they couldn’t be classified under any existing benefit category in Medicare law. Because lymphedema compression supplies have a lifespan of about six months, they did not meet the longevity requirement for durable medical equipment under Part B. They are also not disposable single use products, so they could not be considered an orthotic or prosthetic by Medicare. These roadblocks are no longer an issue with the passage of S.1315!

As advocates for people with lymphedema to live full and happy lives, we are thrilled to pass on this good news to everyone who has been struggling to access compression treatment supplies for lymphedema.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Lymphedema

There are shoes on the market that are suited for people with lymphedema. If you have lymphedema, look for lymphedema shoes with the following qualities:

1.      Shoes that can be adjusted based on the amount of swelling you are experiencing at that moment.

2.      Shoes that are especially designed for swollen feet so they won’t aggravate swelling.

3.      Shoes that can be sized to take into account both the width and circumference of your feet and ankles.

4.      Shoes that are made of breathable materials to ensure that they will hold up over time and help reduce the discomfort of moist feet.

Pandere Shoes for Lymphedema

Everyone deserves to have comfortable, stylish shoes for whatever is going on in their day. Good quality lymphedema shoes should help you live your life to the fullest by relieving your foot pain. At Pandere, we carry shoes that are helpful for people with lymphedema. Here’s why:

  • Pandere shoes are made out of materials that can provide additional compression to people experiencing the swelling that comes along with a lymphedema diagnosis.

  • Pandere shoes come in wide and extra wide styles that also account for the circumference of your foot and ankle.

  • Pandere shoes can be expanded in the midfoot, ankle, and toe box area so that each shoe can be easily tightened and loosened as needed throughout the day.

  • Pandere shoes are made of high quality, breathable materials to keep your feet comfortable when it gets warm.

Pandere lymphedema shoes come in a variety of styles to suit whatever you are doing that day. Browse our extra wide lymphedema sneakers, slippers, flats, sandals, clogs, and slides.

How Do I Know What Size to Buy?

Many of our customers come to us after struggling for years to find comfortable shoes that will fit their swollen feet. At Pandere shoes we love sizing our customers! In addition to a detailed sizing chart by shoe style on the Find Your Size page, we offer two novel sizing help options: Let Us Size You or Size Yourself (with our sizing instructions). Please use our chat feature on the bottom right of your screen if you want sizing help.

Either way, we have some secret sauce built into helping you get the right size. We have added a third measurement to the sizing process. While every other company looks at only length and width, we also consider instep circumference measurements when sizing customers. This is because we know that if you have swelling or bunions or wear a brace, length and width alone will not be enough to get an accurate foot size. Circumference is the third dimension that tells us how much swelling you have, which is critical for a good fit. In addition, our fit specialists take other information into account like age, conditions that impact shoe fit, and how your current size may be different from our recommended size. These additional factors can help us guide customers to the right size shoe.

Visit our Find Your Size page for instructions on how to take your measurements. When you’re ready, go to our Find Your Size page, scroll down and input your measurements into the Let Us Size You Form.

Email us at hello@pandereshoes if you have any problems or questions!

Once we receive your measurements, we will analyze your data and make a custom recommendation on both size and style for your particular circumstances. We will email you within 24 hours of submitting the measurements. (Often less than 24 hours!) If you don’t see our size recommendations, be sure to check your spam folder…That’s almost always where it has ended up!

If you receive your shoes and they don’t fit quite right, we have an ah-mazing exchange policy. You’ll hardly have to wait for your exchange pair to arrive and exchanges are always free because we pay shipping in both directions on all exchanges in the US! ♥️

Our Shoes Will Make Your Feet Happier

With our patented expandable concept, our shoes can make your feet happier no matter your health condition. Our customers come to us with a range of health issues that cause swollen feet - from Lymphedema to edema to bunions – and we pride ourselves on helping them find their size and the right shoes. If you have been searching high and low for comfortable, fashionable shoes that accommodate wide or swollen feet, look no further; shop our collection now!

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