In Their Shoes - with Candace

In Their Shoes - with Candace

This week, we have another In Your Shoes story to share with you, a great conversation we had with Candace from North Carolina!

What has your lymphedema journey looked like?

It was scary. Everything happened so fast. I got a job where I was sitting down all day, and I noticed my leg would get so heavy, falling asleep...and it got to the point where it was hurting!

I went to the doctor and eventually found out I had lymphedema. I was like, "Lymphe-what!?"

How did lymphedema change how you dressed?

I was wearing regular shoes, but my feet were aching so bad. I started wearing Crocs, which are OK, but you can't wear them all day.

So, I looked online for lymphedema apparel, and it just so happened that I came across your shoes!

I was like, "OK!" because I thought I would have to wear diabetic shoes, which are so ugly! I was looking at your shoes, and thinking how pretty they are. These are shoes I can wear with my regular shoes and they look so good on my feet!

What did you think when you put on your Pandere shoes?

Oh my God, I was like, "Mommm, these shoes are so good."

The fact that they're adjustable so I can deal with any flare-ups I have in the day is amazing. These shoes feel so so good.

How are they working out for your everyday life?

I'm able to stay on my feet all day shopping with my Mom without having to complain about my feet. With other shoes, I'd have to stop every hour to give my feet a break.

I've been using them to walk my dog as well. I love how durable they are. With certain shoes, especially when you have swelling, your feet can start to slant in the shoes, but I haven't had that problem!

Want to see more from Candace? You can see our follow this #lymphedema warrior Instagram at @inaturally_can

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