In Their Shoes - with Amy

In Their Shoes - with Amy

This week, we are so excited to share our first In Their Shoes story with you, from Amy R.! During this series of interviews, we share our customers' stories as they walk us through their journey and their experience with Pandere Shoes. 

What has your shoe journey looked like?

Like others who live with lymphedema, finding shoes can be a struggle. Trying to find a shoe that fit both feet was impossible and you can forget about looking stylish. There was no such thing for us lymphedema folks until now.

I often found myself staring at women’s feet as they walked by, secretly wishing I could wear their fabulous shoes.

What Pandere shoes do you own?

The Barista shoe - I was so excited to open the shoes that I ripped the box!

As you can see, they have adjustable toggles at the top and back of the shoe. The Pandere foot bed is made from high resilience Polyurethene (PU). The cushion does not have "memory" so it does not flatten or compress over time. This extends the life and durability of the footbed. PU uses a higher quality material than memory foam or EVA. This is great if you are like me and swell throughout the day or must wear multiple compression garments.











It gets even better! The anti-slip bottoms are made from recycled rubber for increased durability and mobility. The insole is made with a heel cushion and arch support. The insole is removable as well. Pandere's designs are meant to accommodate different levels of swelling.

I put the shoes to the test and went to the zoo! I must admit, I think I had more problems with my face mask rather than my shoes! I did make one adjustment throughout the day but that was on my left foot (my good foot). I just tighten the shoe up a little bit by pulling the toggle on the back heel a little tighter.


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