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How Pandere Took the Lead in Stylish Shoes for Lymphedema


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In the realm of footwear innovation, few names shine as brightly as Pandere. 

Born from a commitment to address the unique challenges faced by individuals with lymphedema, Pandere has emerged as a source of comfort, style, and adaptability in the shoe industry. 

In this article, we explore the captivating journey of how Pandere pioneered a new era of footwear specifically tailored to the needs of those living with lymphedema. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a leader in the field of shoes for lymphedema, Pandere's story is one of resilience, ingenuity, and unwavering dedication to improving the lives of its customers. Here is the history of how Pandere transformed the landscape of lymphedema shoes, one step at a time.

Pandere's journey traces back to 2016, a pivotal year marked by the fusion of personal struggle and unwavering determination. CEO Laura Oden, driven by her lifelong battle with lymphedema, and her Co-Founders embarked on a mission to revolutionize the footwear industry. Faced with the daily frustrations of inadequate shoes for lymphedema—ones that neither fit nor offered comfort, style, or relief for her condition—Laura recognized a glaring gap in the market. It was this frustration that sparked the inception of Pandere, a company poised to redefine footwear for individuals like herself, grappling with the challenges of lymphedema. If the shoe industry was not going to make shoes for lymphedema, then Pandere would.

Driven by her firsthand experiences and fueled by an unwavering commitment to innovation, Oden spearheaded the development of Pandere, envisioning a brand that would redefine the standards of adaptive footwear. Drawing upon her intimate understanding of the complexities inherent to lymphedema management, she endeavored to create a product line that combined functionality with style, ensuring wearers could navigate their daily lives with confidence and ease.

Thus, Pandere emerged to address the unmet needs of individuals who needed shoes for lymphedema and other conditions that affected the shape of the foot, grappling with lymphedema, heralding a new era of inclusivity and accessibility within the footwear domain.

CEO Laura Oden talks about the journey that led to the creation of Pandere, a company dedicated to providing innovative footwear solutions. 

But what on earth does "Pandere" mean?

The name "Pandere" is Latin and means "to stretch, expand, or unfold." This name perfectly captures what our company stands for: shoes specifically engineered FOR swelling and other unique foot shapes. We're all about creating shoes that can stretch and adapt to fit your feet comfortably. Just like the meaning of our name, we aim to provide footwear that expands to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes, ensuring everyone can find the perfect fit. With Pandere, you're not just getting shoes – you're getting comfort and flexibility tailored to you.

Pandere Mission: To restore mobility and dignity to people with hard to fit feet.

Living with lymphedema presents numerous challenges, especially when it comes to finding the right shoes. Swelling, which can be unpredictable, makes it hard to find footwear that's both comfy and supportive. Traditional shoes often make things worse because they have no ability to expand or handle swelling changes. This doesn't just lead to physical discomfort – it can also impact your confidence and happiness. We get it. At Pandere, we're not just about selling shoes for lymphedema. We're on a mission to help folks dealing with swelling regain their freedom and dignity.

That's why we've poured our hearts into designing shoes that cater specifically to people with lymphedema, lipedema, bunions, pregnancy, and any condition that results in unique foot shapes. We created shoes that expand in the places where people have swelling. Our shoes boast cool features like stretch no-tie laces, soft lycra both inside and outside of the uppers, expandable panels on the side of the shoe for additional comfort, and extra room in the toe area. The heel expansion and the toebox design is very deliberate to create comfort in areas that other shoes create pain on a swollen foot. 

  1. stretch no-tie laces
  2. soft lycra both inside and outside
  3. expandable panels on sides for comfort
  4. patented heel expansion and toe box design

These little details make a big difference, allowing our shoes to adapt to your unique foot shape and size. With Pandere, you're not just getting footwear – you're getting a chance to take charge of your mobility and feel good about yourself again. We're here to support you every step of the way because, to us, it's about more than just shoes. It's about changing lives, one step at a time.

custom fit everywhere

Design Philosophy for Shoes for Lymphedema

At Pandere, our approach to footwear design is rooted in innovation, catering specifically to individuals seeking shoes for lymphedema. We understand the unique challenges posed by lymphedema and the critical need for footwear that offers adaptability without sacrificing style or support. With this in mind, we've dedicated extensive time and effort to crafting shoes that stand out in the industry.

Our patented design is a testament to our commitment to innovation. Unlike traditional footwear, our shoes offer three-dimensional expansion while maintaining essential support. This groundbreaking feature provides unparalleled comfort, allowing wearers to navigate their day with ease. Additionally, our design incorporates elements such as breathable materials and cushioned insoles, further enhancing the overall comfort and wearability of our shoes.

But our dedication to excellence doesn't stop there. We understand the importance of aesthetics in footwear, which is why we ensure that every Pandere shoe is as stylish as it is functional. From classic designs to trendy styles, our footwear collections offer something for everyone, ensuring that our customers feel confident and empowered with every step.

At Pandere, we believe that comfort, style, and support should never be compromised. Our innovative design philosophy reflects this belief, seamlessly integrating all three elements to provide footwear solutions that truly make a difference in the lives of individuals who require shoes for lymphedema and other conditions that cause swelling.

Pandere review of the Conga Slide from Becky S.

Identifying the Untapped Market

Pandere didn't just stumble upon a gap in the footwear market; it identified a chasm. While other shoe companies churn out generic designs, Pandere noticed something crucial: there were no attractive options for individuals with specific foot conditions like lymphedema. The shoe racks were filled with the same tired styles that didn't cater to the unique needs of each wearer. This realization sparked a fire within Pandere's founders, to revolutionize footwear, style at a time.

Pandere stepped boldly into the scene, determined to fill this void with shoes that not only provided comfort but also exuded style for individuals dealing with lymphedema. Each pair isn't just a shoe; it's a creation tailored to meet the needs of those requiring shoes for lymphedema. Meticulously crafted to offer a customized fit, Pandere shoes ensure individuals feel confident and comfortable every step of the way.

In a market saturated with mundane options, Pandere's arrival was a breath of fresh air. With innovative designs and a commitment to inclusivity, Pandere has become synonymous with revolutionizing footwear for those with specific conditions like lymphedema. By addressing the unique needs of these individuals, Pandere isn't just selling shoes – it's offering a lifeline, allowing them to reclaim their freedom and stride forward with confidence and style.

Future Developments

In our ongoing quest to lead the adaptive footwear market for shoes for lymphedema, Pandere is dedicated to pioneering future innovations that prioritize both functionality and style. Among our upcoming developments is the expansion of our shoe capacity, with plans underway to introduce an XXW version later this year. Additionally, we are diligently reengineering the beloved Little Black Ballet design to accommodate a wider range of individuals and align its sizing more closely with our other styles. Furthermore, we hope to develop a new iteration of an old favorite: the Neo. This revamped version will be specially designed to cater to individuals with lower hand dexterity, featuring a larger opening to facilitate easier foot entry. At Pandere, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of footwear innovation, ensuring that our products continue to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.


At Pandere, our commitment goes beyond crafting innovative footwear solutions for individuals with foot health issues such as lymphedema. We are dedicated to nurturing a supportive community where individuals dealing with shoes for lymphedema can discover understanding, encouragement, and empowerment. Through collaborations with medical professionals and organizations, we endeavor to establish comprehensive support networks that provide guidance, resources, and a sense of belonging. Together, we're not only transforming the footwear landscape – we're cultivating a community of resilience, strength, and solidarity. Come walk with us as we persist in this journey, ensuring that no one confronts their foot health challenges in isolation.

Pandere leads in stylish shoes for lymphedema, offering comfort and adaptability.

Their innovative designs cater to swelling and unique foot shapes.

Pandere fosters a supportive community, partnering with medical professionals and organizations for comprehensive support networks.