Helping Patients with Swollen Feet: Where Do We Find Shoes!


The Problem of Shoes...

As a therapist you often encounter patients who struggle and complain about their shoes. PTs, OTs, and LMTs aren't trained in shoe fitting nor do most therapists have time to add this research into their already packed schedules. But you see them every day -- tender swollen feet stuck wearing slippers or crocs or cheap shoes 3 sizes too long.

Helping find shoes for patients with swollen feet can be a daunting task. Swollen feet require shoes that not only provide comfort but also offer mobility and support. Unfortunately, most regular off the rack shoe brands do not cater to the specific needs of individuals with swollen feet. This lack of options can lead to discomfort, pain, and difficulty just walking to the bathroom. Most people with edema need pedorthic shoes that are designed to address their specific condition. In this blog post, we will explore the challenges faced by patients with swollen feet when it comes to finding suitable footwear and how Pandere can help alleviate these problems. Uncomfortable shoes may restrict mobility, making daily activities challenging to perform.

Challenges of Finding Shoes for Swollen Feet

Top Complaints!

Shoes that were previously comfortable are too tight now! Shoes exacerbate sensitive areas, make swelling worse, cause skin irritation, and restrict much needed circulation.

Patients with swollen feet often face significant challenges when it comes to finding shoes that can accommodate their condition. One of the primary difficulties is the limited options available in the market. Many regular shoe brands do not offer wide or extra-wide sizes, making it incredibly challenging for individuals with swollen feet to find suitable footwear. This lack of options can result in discomfort, pain, and difficulty in walking for patients.

Most people with swelling or lymphedema have spent hundreds of hours trying on shoes. If you're lucky, there might be a comfort shoe store nearby that offers widths, or, even rarer, an orthotist nearby that can fit pedorthic shoes. Since the pandemic shift to online purchasing, people with swelling are easily lured into purchasing many pairs with the bait of free shipping from Amazon or Zappos all in a depressing cycle of failure. Trying on shoe after shoe can really wear on one's resilience. Pandere can end this cycle for good. If we don't have what your patient needs, we will refer them to Pedors, another shoe brand that makes sizes up to 10E. (Wow!)

Swollen feet require shoes that can adjust to a variety of volumes throughout the day. Everyone's feet swell on planes, or if your job has you on your feet all day. This is normal. But for those who have medical conditions that cause anomalous foot shapes, the search is just grueling.

Furthermore, we all want shoes that strike a balance between comfort and style. Most shoe designs prioritize aesthetics over functionality, which just doesn't work for people with swelling, bunions, hammertoes, braces, arthritis, and a host of other specific foot conditions.

All of these limitations can significantly impact the comfort, mobility, and overall quality of life for individuals with swollen feet.

Importance of Well-Fitting Shoes

Wearing well-fitting shoes is of utmost importance for patients with swollen feet. Not only do properly fitting shoes provide comfort, but they can also significantly boost the confidence and self-esteem of individuals. When shoes fit properly, patients feel more comfortable and secure in their movements, allowing them to navigate their daily activities with greater ease. This enhanced comfort and mobility can have a positive impact on their overall sense of dignity and well-being.

In addition to the psychological benefits, well-fitting shoes also play a crucial role in preventing complications associated with swollen feet. Sedentary patients with edema are at risk for various health issues such as cellulitis, obesity, and overall poor health. One critical key to managing conditions like lymphedema, diabetes, and any swelling is maintaining mobility. Properly fitted shoes help promote mobility by providing the necessary support and cushioning for the feet. By wearing well-fitting shoes, patients can reduce the risk of developing complications related to foot health.

It is essential for patients with swollen feet to prioritize finding well-fitting shoes to avoid further complications. By investing in footwear that fits properly, individuals can enhance their comfort, mobility, and overall quality of life while minimizing the risks associated with swollen feet.


Extra Volume in Shoes with Compression Garments

Bandaging and compression wraps are often part of lymphedema treatment. The volume increase from bandages is often huge. It's not uncommon for a bandaged foot to have an instep circumference that is 3-5 inches larger than the unbandaged foot. Even at Pandere, we have not cracked the code for making a shoe that can accommodate most patients during the bandaging portion of treatment. Post-op shoes are still the only type of shoe that will fit most patients during this phase. They wear out quickly and provide no support at all.

But we all know that bandages and velcro wraps play a crucial role in reducing swelling and improving circulation in the affected areas. However, finding shoes that can accommodate the extra volume created by compression wraps can be an incredibly challenging task. In many cases, it may seem almost impossible to find shoes that provide enough space for the additional bulk.

This is where Pandere shoes come in. Pandere can accommodate some wraps, depending on the volume of the foot in the wraps. Pandere offers a range of shoes specifically designed for individuals with swollen feet. Their shoes are thoughtfully crafted to address the unique needs of patients who require extra volume due to compression garments or swelling. One of the key features of Pandere shoes is their stretch materials and patented toe box. These design elements allow for easy customization and provide ample room for swelling and compression garments.

By wearing Pandere shoes, patients can experience the comfort, mobility, and support they need to navigate their daily lives with ease. The unique design ensures a secure fit while accommodating changes in foot size throughout the day. The expandable toe boxes creates extra depth, without sacrificing comfort or compromising circulation.

Pandere shoes offer a practical solution for patients with swollen feet who struggle to find footwear that accommodates their specific needs. With these specially designed shoes, individuals can enjoy the benefits of proper fitting footwear while managing their conditions effectively.

How Pandere Can Help

We always recommend that new customers let us size them before buying. This is especially important for customers that are dealing with swelling. Pandere understands the unique challenges faced by individuals with swollen feet.

We have developed our own process for sizing people online. You or your patient can chat with us directly or submit measurements online.

New to Pandere? Let Us Find Your Size

We provide a simple guide on our website, offering step-by-step instructions on how to measure your feet accurately. By following these guidelines, individuals can ensure they get the precise measurements needed to find shoes that accommodate their specific needs. Taking the time to measure and submit foot measurements is a crucial first step in finding well-fitting shoes. When submitting measurements for your patient, please also ask for the patient's current shoe size.

Wide range of sizes

Pandere shoes are designed to accommodate a range of volumes in each shoe. For example, our Wide collection accommodates from a B width up to an E width. Our Extra Wide collection accommodates from an E width up to a EEE width. This is accomplished by the design, materials and construction of our shoes. The accommodation of different widths allows for better customization and ensures that patients can find comfortable and supportive shoes that cater specifically to their foot conditions.

By providing detailed instructions on foot measurement and offering an extensive selection of sizes, Pandere makes it easier for patients with swollen feet to find shoes that provide optimal comfort, mobility, and support. With their commitment to addressing the specific needs of individuals with swollen feet, Pandere is a valuable resource in helping patients overcome the challenges associated with finding suitable footwear.

Wrap Up

Finding the right shoes for swollen feet can be a challenging task, but it is crucial for enhancing comfort and mobility. Well-fitting shoes not only provide physical support but also boost confidence and dignity for patients with swollen feet. Pandere offers a solution to this problem with their specially designed shoes that accommodate swelling and compression wraps. By providing adjustable straps, expandable toe boxes, and a wide range of sizes, Pandere ensures that individuals with swollen feet can find comfortable and supportive footwear that meets their unique needs. With Pandere's help, patients can improve their quality of life by finding the right shoes for their swollen feet.