Bringing Pandere to Life: Manufacturing

Bringing Pandere to Life: Manufacturing

We’ve worked tirelessly and endlessly to bring the most stylish, yet comfortable shoes to women to help you get back not only your confidence and style, but also your life!

Pandere's patented shoes are designed to expand in key places where traditional shoe shapes and sizes tend to disappoint. One of the trickiest parts of designing an expandable shoe is retaining support and structure. Expansion and support are often in conflict with each other. Pandere has developed a shoe that both expands and supports.

We decided to choose Portugal as our place to start manufacturing because the country has a rich and wonderful history of making beautiful and high-quality handcrafted shoes. So we thought, “Where else but here?”

Our shoes are manufactured at a facility that makes diabetic and comfort shoes. Our outsoles are made of a lightweight flexible performance rubber compound with a traction grip bottom and anti-skid properties. They offer the comfort and flexibility that women all around the world have been craving from a supportive pair of shoes.



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