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If you are a First Time Customer, we recommend letting us size you before purchasing.

Unisex sizing: Available in both men's and women's sizes.

The Globetrotter accommodates moderate to substantial swelling.

Welcome to Pandere's newest version of our best selling ankle boot! The Globetrotter is offered in both men's and women's sizes. It has a rounder toe box than the Rambler boot and offers extra cushion in the shoe base.

This is the first weatherproof version of the Rambler! Water resistant coating is Eco-friendly and does not leave forever chemicals.

We recommend this shoe for more substantial swelling. It's also good for many braces, people Hammer Toes or Bunions. The Globetrotter is built on a unisex wide base and can accommodate up to an EE volume for men and a EEE volume for women. 

Ideal for moderate swelling – also for those seeking an extra-wide yet supportive shoe, or those needing room for bunions, braces and other inconveniences.

Handcrafted in Portugal using only the finest, most durable materials, the Globetrotter is a super supportive, extra wide shoe. Stylish and functional, this could be the shoe for you if you suffer from: lymphedema, diabetes, plantar fasciitis or any number of swelling-related issues.

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