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How to Choose the Right Lymphedema Shoes

Lymphedema is a medical condition often caused by a damaged lymphatic system as a result of medical treatment or trauma. Lymphedema causes foot swelling and swelling in other parts of the body that usually develops gradually over time. As the foot and ankle’s circumference grow - sometimes at different rates in the right and left foot - shoe shopping can become a challenge because it is much harder to find shoes that fit. Because of this, lymphedema shoes should be adjustable. Expandable footwear that accommodates wide and swollen legs and feet is an ideal solution for people who have been diagnosed with lymphedema.

Pandere shoes offer expansion in the midfoot, ankle, and toe box area and each shoe can be easily tightened and loosened as needed. In addition, Pandere shoes for lymphedema provide some additional compression that can bring relief for people experiencing swelling feet.

How to Choose the Right Lymphedema Shoes

Finding shoes for lymphedema doesn’t have to be a chore. When you know what to look for, shopping can be fun! Here are some things you should know:

1. Choose adjustable shoes

The most important thing to look for when shopping for shoes for lymphedema is an adjustable feature such as a dimensionally expanding upper part. Not only can one foot swell more than the other, swelling can increase over time or even throughout the day. Having the ability to adjust shoes based on the amount of swelling you are experiencing at that moment, is VERY important. We can’t stress this point enough.

2.Choose shoes specifically designed for swollen feet

While there are many retailers out there who sell wide shoes, swollen feet have specific needs. By choosing shoes that are designed for swelling and water retention, you have the best chance of finding shoes for daily wear that are actually comfortable.

3.Choose shoes that do not aggravate swelling

When you have lymphedema, it’s important to choose shoes that do not aggravate swelling. When you are experiencing swelling from lymphedema or venous insufficiency, compression can bring great relief and may provide health benefits. According to WebMD, the pressure provided by compression increases circulation and the flow of blood, which helps to prevent blood from pooling in the veins and improves lymphatic drainage. Pandere shoes are made out of materials that can provide additional compression.

4.Follow instructions for foot sizing

If you are buying shoes in a store, look for a store that has a pedorthist on staff or carries pedorthic footwear. This type of store will be more familiar with swelling and medical conditions that affect the foot. If you are buying shoes online, find a retailer who has clear instructions on how to measure your foot and ankle for the best fit. Either way, hold onto your receipt or email confirmation and make sure the retailer has a good exchange/return policy.

5.Choose shoes made of breathable materials

Choose shoes that are high quality and made with breathable materials to ensure that they will hold up over time and help reduce the discomfort of moist feet.

6.Buy multiples of the same shoe

Once you have found the perfect shoe, buy at least one more of the same pair. You may be able to find shoes that come in more than one color if you want some variety.

What Type of Shoes are Good for Lymphedema?

There are several types of shoe styles that work well for people experiencing swollen feet from lymphedema. People with lymphedema shouldn’t feel limited to one type of shoe. Here are some of the styles that can work well for swollen feet:

· Extra wide adjustable slippers

· Extra wide adjustable sneakers

· Extra wide adjustable sandals

· Extra wide adjustable clogs

· Extra wide adjustable boots

· Extra wide adjustable slides

· Extra wide adjustable flats

Everyone deserves to have comfortable, stylish shoes whether they are sitting or standing most of the day. Choose a brand and pair of shoes that helps you live your life to the fullest by relieving your foot pain.

How Do I Know What Size to Buy?

If you’re thinking about buying lymphedema shoes online, you may be wondering how to choose the right size. At Pandere shoes we love sizing our customers! In addition to a detailed sizing chart by shoe style on the Find Your Size page, we offer two novel sizing help options: Let Us Size You or Size Yourself (with our sizing instructions).

Either way, our process provides the most accurate results possible because we have added an extra measurement. While every other company looks at only length and width, we also consider circumference measurements when sizing customers. This is because we know that if you have swelling or bunions or wear a brace, length and width alone will not be enough to get an accurate foot size. Circumferences is the third dimension that tells us whether your swollen foot or brace (or other issues) will fit into the shoes.

Visit our Find Your Size page for instructions on how to take your measurements.

When you’re ready, go to our Find Your Size page to input your measurements into the Size Finder tool. Email us at hello@pandereshoes if you have any problems or questions!

Once we receive your measurements, we will analyze your data and make a custom recommendation on both size and style for your particular circumstances. We will email you within 24 hours of submitting the measurements. (Often less than 24 hours!)

If you receive your shoes and they don’t fit quite right, we have an ah-mazing exchange policy. You’ll hardly have to wait for your exchange pair to arrive and exchanges are always free!

Pandere Shoes for Lymphedema

Many of our customers come to us after struggling for years to find comfortable shoes that will fit their swollen feet. They prefer Pandere shoes because of the expansion capabilities that are built into our shoes and unmatched in the industry. But don't take our word for it — listen to what one of our lymphedema customers has to say.

Our Shoes Will Make Your Feet Happier

With our expandable formula, our shoes can make your feet happier no matter your health condition. Our customers come to us with a range of health issues that cause swollen feet - from Lymphedema to edema to bunions – and we pride ourselves on helping them find their size and the right shoes. If you have been searching high and low for comfortable, fashionable shoes that accommodate wide or swollen feet, look no further; shop our collection now!

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If you have swollen feet, you don't have to suffer with ill-fitting shoes. The best shoes for people with swollen feet are wide or extra wide styles that can be expanded in the midfoot, ankle, and toe box area so that each shoe can be easily tightened and loosened as needed throughout the day.